Registration of measuring instruments

The type of measuring instruments employed in the areas of business falling under legal regulation (such as trade, medicine, environmental protection, geodesy and cartography, state defense and security, etc.) must be verified in the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) to be subsequently put on the Uniform State Register of Measuring Instruments. The measurements envisaged by the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Technical Regulation are also state-regulated in order to ensure the uniformity of measurements.

The main objective of the verification is to ensure that the quality and uniformity of measurements is state-regulated on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. According to the Law No. 102-FZ “On ensuring uniformity of measurements” as of 26.06.2008, the unity of measurements is the type of measurement when its results are expressed in the measurement units admitted for use in the Russian Federation, and accuracy of measurements remains within the allowed limits. Therefore, all measuring instruments should be admitted on to the territory of the Russian Federation only after a thorough verification. Here are implied all measuring instruments whose measurement results are being used for reciprocal payments, service payments (such as energy / water counters etc.), weighing of and payment for goods (scales etc.), for identification of allowed dosages (alcohol detector, dosimeters etc.) and so on.

To verify the registration of measuring instruments the Verification Certificate is issued. It is also known as the Certificate of Metrology.

The Verification Certificate is the official document verifying that the device or unit does the measurements to a precision not exceeding that specified by the manufacture. It is issued only in case the testing has been successful. The testing has to be carried out at accredited state testing centers.

The Verification Certificate is valid for 5 years when certifying mass-produced products. The duration can be extended provided no structural changes have been made to the article of manufacture. When registering a set of products or just one sample, the duration of the Verification Certificate covers the entire period of the product operation.

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