Measuring instruments registration

Measuring instruments used in the areas falling under legal control (trade, medicine, environmental protection, the geodetic and cartographical sphere, defense and safety of the state, etc.), must go through measuring device type statement procedure in Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology (Rosstandart) with the subsequent entering into the uniform state register of measuring instruments. The measurements provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation on technical regulation also belong to the sphere of state regulation of ensuring unity of measurements.

The main objective of this procedure is to provide the state control over quality and unity of measurements in all territory of the Russian Federation. According to the Law “About ensuring unity of measurements” from 26.06.2008 of No. 102-FZ, the unity of measurements is a condition of measurements at which their results are expressed in units of sizes allowed to application in the Russian Federation, and indicators of accuracy of measurements don’t exceed the established borders. Thus, all measuring instruments should be allowed in the territory of the Russian Federation only after careful check. We are speaking about various devices making various measurements, which results are used at mutual settlements, for payment of every possible services (counters of the electric power, water, etc.), for weighing and payment of the goods (scales, etc.), for identification of the resolved norms of dosages (breathalyzers, dosimeters, etc.), etc.

To confirm measuring instrument registration they issue the Certificate approving type of measuring instruments. It’s also called the Metrological certificate.

The certificate approving type of measuring instruments is the official document confirming that this device or installation makes measurements with a margin error, not exceeding level declared by the producer. It stands out only on the basis of positive results of the tests which have been carried out in the accredited state test centers.

The certificate approving type of measuring instruments by a mass production is valid for 5 years. Terms can be prolonged provided that there were no constructive changes brought in the product. When registering a batch of products or a sample the validity period of the certificate approving type of measuring instruments extends for the entire period of functioning of this production.